Aetna Ambulance Service does not accept donations of any kind. If you were inclined to donate to us we would be honored if instead, you donated to your favorite charity in our name. But a thank you card or note to the ambulance crew goes further than you’d think.

Aetna Ambulance Service believes in a social responsibility to the communities in which our employees, customers, and their families live and work. We are therefore committed to playing an active role, in cooperation with other community-minded organizations and individuals, in furthering the wellbeing of our community.

The company will consider requests to provide financial contributions, volunteer work, or services. This combination of support is intended to ensure that Aetna Ambulance Service will remain an integral member of the communities in which our livelihood depends.

We have established guidelines to follow when considering eligible organizations. We favor organizations that advocate in the interests of healthcare, and that is focused on our trade area of greater Hartford and north-central Connecticut.

General Guidelines

  • Donation requests will be considered only if the requesting organization is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.
  • An organization receiving funds must be a registered charitable organization within the State of Connecticut as verified by the Office of the Attorney General and/or registered with the Department of Consumer Protection as required by applicable law.
  • A non-profit organization is limited to only one donation receipt within a 12-month period. No multi-year commitments will be made; however, organizations may make additional requests once per 12 month period.
  • Tax-deductible contributions will be recorded by the controller in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and accordance with state and federal law.
  • Approval amounts will be at the discretion of the company president.
  • Selected organizations and designated amounts will not be apportioned for various communities or categories of interest but instead shall be selected on a case-by-case basis.
  • Phone solicitation is discouraged. Please use the form attached.
  • Requests are accepted throughout the year. The submitting person or organization will be notified if approved for a monetary or in-kind donation. Marketing opportunities will be considered when donating to an organization.
  • Due to increased requests for donations, Aetna and ASM cannot support the following:
    • Political, religious, or ethnic groups and programs.
    • Lobbying or advocacy groups.
    • Labor organizations.
    • Individuals or for-profit businesses.
    • Fraternal organizations.
    • Organizations employing paid solicitors.