Forms for Students, Observers, and Field Interns

To facilitate your registration and ambulance assignment for observation, please complete the three forms provided on the link below prior to your arrival at Aetna Ambulance’s headquarters. If you are under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must be present at the start of your requested shift. 



If you have any questions, please email

Students and Field Interns

Thank you for selecting Aetna Ambulance Service for your internship. We understand that your time and education are valuable, and will be here for all your internship needs.

Aetna accepts and accommodates field interns, students, and observers from pre-approved established programs with which we have a written agreement and/or relationship. We are not able to accommodate members of the general public at this time.

  • Field interns, students, and observers must be insured by their educational program, outside employer, or other third-party programs. Aetna carries no liability for accident, injury, loss, or death during observation and field internship.
  • All of the above waivers and release forms must be completed prior to or upon arrival at the ambulance service by a person over the age of 18 or a parent or guardian. No exceptions will be made. Aetna Ambulance does accept students under the age of 18 only with parental consent. These forms can be emailed to prior to arrival for the scheduled.
  • When submitting your waivers please include three dates that are available for you in one calendar week. Our scheduling team will provide you with the date and time of your shift. We will email you with confirmation and your scheduled time.
  • Students must be in uniform. Either the uniform provided by your program or as follows: white dress shirt, black pants and slip resistant black boots (black sneakers if no boots are available). 
  • Field internships can be fast-paced and moderately physically and emotionally demanding. Field interns, students, and observers should arrive prepared for the day’s events.
  • All students are encouraged to study our website and Facebook for details about our company, our service area, our employees, and our equipment. If you are riding with us, we reserve the right to use video, audio, or images of your likeness on our website and in other media.
  • Hours for observation for students are between 5:00 am and midnight, seven days a week. Paramedic students are permitted to ride any 24 hours a day, seven days a week.