Our Philosophy: "What gets measured gets managed."

Aetna tracks a tremendous amount of information to fully understand and manage the complexities of our EMS system. Call volume and response times are just two of the measures that the agency utilizes to strategically staff and deploy EMS resources.

Aetna is dedicated to providing the highest level of care in all areas of Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Our standard is to ensure that every patient receives personalized, compassionate and professional care.

We follow specific and established quality improvement procedures. Our Quality Assurance (QA) Manager is an experienced paramedic who reviews our EMS calls to ensure an accurate evaluation of the operational, administrative, and procedural activities of the system. This allows us to perform a complete review of calls selected at random, as well as review of any calls or studies.

Although we have an extensive orientation period for all newly assigned personnel, the QA department continues to do a 100% chart review for all paramedics. Any areas found to be either above or below standard are identified for praise or appropriate corrective action.

In our pursuit of excellence, the QA manager reviews our run reports for the following:

  • Protocol compliance
  • Clinical statistics (IV, Chest Pain Compliance)
  • Appropriate documentation
  • Appropriate signature on care forms, billing documents and patient refusal forms
  • Appropriate use of Air Medical transportation
  • Appropriate action on medical and trauma cardiac arrest patients
  • Patient refusals of care
  • Calls involving emergency equipment failure
  • Calls involving employee injury
  • Calls involving ambulance vehicle accidents
  • Performance examples of going above and beyond call of duty for patients or clients
  • On going Clinical studies and Benchmarking with other High Performance
  • Any other areas the Medical Director deems necessary
  • Evaluation of new equipment
  • QA reports identify any problems, define what they are, and show how they are resolved through retraining or remediation.

Aetna tracks the following:

  • Paramedic and EMT clinical training and certification
  • Safe handling of patients and their property
  • Proper maintenance of all vehicles and medical equipment
  • Proper cleaning of vehicles and equipment
  • Decontamination when required
  • Please contact the QA Department with any questions you may have between 8am-4pm, Monday-Friday.

David Kemp
QAQI Supervisor

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